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Our Mission

Our Mission Is to empower the consumer and help Children’s Hospitals across Canada.

Coming from a humble lower middle-class family, I understood what it’s like to live day to day, knowing that
consumers like myself had no leverage at all against all the major brands and stores that sold them to us.
So, I wanted to change that in a big way.

I began with the idea of creating an online consumer buying and savings platform that would truly empower
consumers like ourselves.

But it was hard to develop the technology to make it happen.

That is when fate came in, I met a great ally that would make this become a reality the consumers.

A technology company that would integrate a powerful e-wallet so that every user would have their own
personal wallet whereby they could create their own “Amazon Gift Card” dollars as well as over 70 other
cards such as Walmart and Home Depot to name a few.

These cash rewards dollars can then be spent on Amazon for instant discounts when checking-out on

There would be no more need to wait for a cheque in the mail that they couldn’t spend directly online.
And along with a growing crowd of users, we would be able to leverage their large numbers to get real
volume discount pricing on products and services.

I call it the power of unity.

I want to make sure that the consumer like you is empowered and here’s how it works.
For every dollar generated in revenue when you buy a product or service through Shop 2 Save.

  • we deposit 45% in your e-wallet
  • an additional 5% when anyone that you refer buys any product or service.
  • and 5% will go to Children’s Hospitals in Canada.

“Our mission is to empower consumers, by saving them money and doing good by Helping Children’s Hospitals Across in Canada.”

It’s That Simple!


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