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Join the Shop2Save movement with our loyalty program, ONE REWARD! ONE REWARD is an innovative multinational consumer-­‐centric loyalty reward platform, programmed to incentivize a large consumer-­‐shopping group to make their high-­‐value ‘big-­‐ticket’ merchandise and service purchases within the ONE REWARD program. The Program will be a coalition platform consisting of a broad proprietary ecosystem of qualified merchants and service providers. The Program’s primary focus is on those business sectors that are associated with typical residential home purchases.


The competitive advantage and success of ONE REWARD will be its focus on high-­‐margin low-­‐frequency consumer products and services, known as ‘big-­‐ticket goods and services. With the exception of travel and hospitality, these sectors have essentially been untapped, which enables the program to provide unrivalled rewards. The ONE REWARD technology platform and data mining system will not only offer its members the largest cash value rewards, but also provide the broadest flexibility for membership to redeem its rewards across the entire program.



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