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At Shop2Save, you’ll get “Amazon Gift Card” dollars when

  • you buy online through our Shop2Save (fulfilled by Amazon) store.
  • you buy or sell Real Estate.
  • you arrange a Mortgage.
  • you get instant quotes for Home & Auto Insurance.

You can then redeem your “Amazon Gift Card” dollars when shopping again through Amazon.

There’s no more need wait for three months for checks in the mail that you can’t spend online.

Shop2Save is a consumer membership buying platform designed to give you the tools to save big and receive “Amazon Gift Card” dollars that you deserve.

We began with the idea of creating the worlds first consumer buying platform, that goes along with a powerful e-wallet that empowers consumers just like yourself to get “Amazon Gift Card” dollars when buying or selling Real Estate, arranging a Mortgage or Home & Auto insurance.


About Shop2Save

When you normally shop online, you either get the standard or discount offerings, but with the Shop2Save you get the benefits to save and earn in a big way.

Let’s look at these benefits…


About Our Shop2Save Crowd Pricing Benefit

  • This tool allows you to be a part of the “Crowd” that enables you to have the buying power of thousands and even more.
  • This allows us to go direct to manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors to get volume discount pricing on Brand name products.
  • We then pass that on to you in the form of Crowd Pricing and in “Amazon Gift Card” dollars.
  • We then deposit your “Amazon Gift Card” dollars directly in your own individual e-wallet.
  • You can then create your own “Amazon Gift Card” dollars to be spent on Amazon for instant discounts.


About Referring Friends & Family Members

  • Earn additional “Amazon Gift Card” dollars every time your friends and family members buy through the Shop2Save.
  • You simply refer them through your Shop2Save members account.
  • And you also receive “Amazon Gift card” dollars when they buy or sell Real Estate, arrange a mortgage or home and auto insurance.

And best of all – there’s No Annual Fees!

Join the movement today, and start getting your “Amazon Gift card” dollars and volume discount Crowd savings. It’s that simple!


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